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  • Free||| Totally free, web-based e-mail service(1000MB capacity)
  • Permanent||| Yourname@netsurfer.gr Sign up once, get a lifetime account!
  • Globally Accessible||| All you need is a computer with an Internet connection to send/receive your e-mails from anywhere on this planet!
  • Private||| You and only you can read your e-mails
  • SPAM-Free||| State-of-the art Block filters to block unwanted e-mail before it reaches your inbox!
  • Versatile|||All kind of file attachments, HTML emails, stationery selection etc.
All available options:  
Customize a signature to append to every message.
Customize your alias and reply address, and how you want to manage your messages.
External POP Mail
Configure Mail through this interface to read from all your different POP email accounts.
Block Filters
Sort incoming mail into different folders and block email from unwanted addresses.
Email Notification
Receive a notice at another email address when you have new mail.
Bulk Mail Handling
Keep your INBOX clean by sending bulk mail to another place.
>Email forwarding Forward all emails from yourname@netsurfer.gr to any other account (Available after request to )
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User name availability status: 99.9%! Forget yourname_123456@xxxxxxx.com Get yourname@netsurfer.gr now!!!

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